At Regency Recovery our outpatient addiction treatment program offers more support and guidance then attending rehab counseling once a week. Our program consists of multiple day or evening sessions that take place throughout the week. We also include access to 12-step meetings and sober living/sobriety support groups. We believe the clients who would benefit most from our outpatient addiction treatment program are the ones who have completed some type of intensive addiction treatment program beforehand. Outpatient addiction treatment is the least restrictive level of professional care available, and because of this it would benefit our clients to have some insight into why they continue to struggle with daily functioning. Our outpatient treatment is provided by a licensed mental health professional. We incorporate individual, group and family counseling sessions into this level of treatment. The only difference is that these sessions are done on an outpatient basis. Treatment at this level of care is mainly focused on relieving symptoms and resolving specific issues. We focus on restoring functional abilities and stabilizing behavioral issues.