At Regency Recovery we offer an acute inpatient detoxification program. This level of detox is the most intense and highest level available. Clients admitted to detox are highly addicted to drugs or alcohol and have recently, many times within the last 24 hours, abused the substance to which they are addicted too. It is common for a client to still be under the influence of that substance when entering our facility. Many clients begin to experience withdrawal shortly after arriving and are suffering from severe symptoms. In this case, our medically managed detox program is the safest and most comfortable approach for the client.   The detoxification process includes three steps; evaluation, stabilization and guidance. The initial evaluation takes place upon arrival and will be done by one of our professionally trained staff. The client will be drug tested to see what substances and amounts are currently circulating in their bloodstream. The client will then be briefly assessed for underlying factors that have influenced their addiction, such as a dual-diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. Stabilization is where the client is guided through the physical process of detox. This step will vary from person to person and depends heavily on what type of substance was being abused. This step could be completed with or without the use of medication. During the final step of detox the client will be guided into our addiction treatment program that will ensure they receive the comprehensive care they need to achieve sobriety. It is here they will explore the social factors and complex behavioral patterns that lead to their addiction.